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The Bible Quiz Game is an app for playing and testing what you know about the holy texts. With this tool, you can spend hours answering questions all about everything that happens in the Bible.

In this app, you can quiz yourself in test mode or with quick questions about the old testament, new testament, biblical figures, quotes, and general questions. With more than 500 tests and 7,000 questions, you won't find the same question more than once. Take complete tests and find out how many answers you got correct at the end, or do quick questions and find out if you're right or wrong as soon as you answer.

As you advance, you'll have more statistics about your answers, showing you how well you do in each section. Thanks to this features, you can dedicate your studies to a specific part of the Bible to improve your knowledge about a specific gospel, for example. Find out who said what or learn more about the life of the most relevant biblical figures in the history of Christianity.
By Álvaro Toledo
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